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Fibre IRS

We design the right Fibre IRS system for you

Conventional IRS systems deliver TV and satellite signals over coax cables and although efficient had certain limitations such as distance and maintaining signal quality was always the downside of coax. New Developments in fibre optic technology mean you can now deliver these services over several miles utilising a system known as Fibre IRS OR FIRS

Whether you want to deliver local TV services, Sky satellite or other international satellite services in almost any language we can design an FIRS system for you. RF Digital are one of only a handful of installers recommended by Global Invacom the leading fibre manufacturer in the UK.

  • No need for multiple satellite dishes
  • Installation is controlled and discreet
  • Operator not required
  • Compliant with HD and 3D systems
  • Cost effective solution
  • Carries signals over long distances

Over the last few years Fibre IRS has been developed and now can be used to deliver TV and satellite to thousands of properties over huge distances with almost no loss of signal or quality. Whether it's multiple blocks on a development of apartments, housing estates or high rise blocks FIRS can deliver the services you require.

Many hours are spent designing buildings and housing developments and on handover residents start putting up their own satellite dishes making the whole development less attractive. With careful planning we can provide multiple satellites to all properties so if you have residents from all around the world they can access channels in their native language without the need to install an unsightly dish and leave you with a battle to get it removed.

If you are based in the UK, give us a call now to discuss your Fibre IRS systems. You are assured of a professional service from beginning to end.