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RF Digital Systems are experts in the field of all types of digital aerial and IRS equipment.

Integrated Reception Systems offer sophisticated technology which delivers a top quality signal and therefore fantastic reception on both TV and radio equipment. This is possible because it is able to make use of multiple signals from different channels to forward on to multiple receivers.

IRS is perfect for projects where large communities of individual rooms or offices need to each receive a separate signal without having to use multiple aerials.

Because satellite signals use a high broadcast frequency, this procedure causes them sometimes to lose a little of the signal in the process.Careful planning of the IRS prevents this as it uses a cable of a higher quality and specification and higher standard of equipment. It is sometimes a little more expensive but saves money over time and is a less intrusive installation.

So what is great about IRS?

  • It provides satellite, TV and Radio aerial signals that can be shared amongst multiple points
  • It is perfect for communal areas where a satellite, digital and analogue aerial signal is required
  • The user does not have the hassle of having to put in place their own aerial points as the IRS provides them in an easily accessible format
  • The user or tenant does not need to get onto the roof: the IRS connection points are provided in a safe location

Ideally based in the Midlands we can provide your premises with a fully Integrated Reception System whereever you are located within the UK. If you are looking for other options then we can also supply and fit MATV, SMATV and IPTV services.

Our fully commercial service runs parallel to our domestic line of work which provides consumers at home with such things as digital Freeview, Sky TV and even foreign satellite channels. Contact us now for access to our first class service and effortless installation of your IRS system.