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PA Systems

Whatever type of building you are in at RF Digital we have an audio solution for you.

If it's background music, audio to a specific room in your building, paging facility, induction loops or site wide audio and paging facility we can design the system that meets your needs. Whatever the size of your project our experts will help you to create the PA System that best meets your requirements to deliver the solution you envisage.

If you need to page specific areas of a building or the entire site we can create the system that fulfils your needs. If the system needs to be linked to your fire alarm for emergency evacuation we can liase with the fire alarm specialists to meet current legislation.

We can design systems to create atmosphere whatever the environment, whether it's in a workout suite, Gym, restaurant, reception area or nightclub RF Digital will work alongside you to ensure full satisfaction on completion of your project.

Our PA Systems can be interfaced with induction loops to provide all services to hard of hearing customers and clients or we an provide stand alone traditional wired or infra red induction loops.

  • Communicate with staff or customers
  • Create an atmosphere
  • Provide entertainment
  • Enhance evacuation procedures
  • Provide communication to the hard of hearing
  • Help comply with government legislation