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How to keep your office secure in the new year

Posted on 07.01.2016

The vast majority of companies keep most of their assets inside their business premises. This means that some of their basic and most important assets crucial for the proper functioning of business operations are located in one place. It doesn't really matter if we are talking about whole properties or single floors because when it comes to security every type of property must get proper protection.

Computers, fax machines, scanners, routers, legal documents, money, cards – these are just some of the valuable things found in offices. By designing a security policy that is effective and efficient, you can rest assured that all these things are safe and that you will also get insurance premiums that are likely to be cheaper.

If you are a business owner you may be thinking of tightening up your security for the New Year so here's a list of tips that may help you.

Door access control

Consider implementing door access control systems. There are many different systems like this and you should choose the one that suits your needs. Some people prefer standalone systems while others require intercom phone with video and/or audio control. These advanced systems will provide maximum security for your office.

Install CCTV

When someone mentions CCTV footage we usually think about footage that helps the authorities find a suspect in a crime. However, there is a psychological factor that makes thieves stay away from business premises with CCTV systems. Even though they can mask themselves, they don't know whether the business has installed another camera or whether they have another security system. This creates uncertainty in the mind of the criminal and it helps to deter burglaries.

Use locked cabinets

If you have some important legal documents it is better to keep them organized in locked cabinets. In addition, if you have money and cards, it is a good idea to buy a safe and keep these things safely stored away.

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