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Sky Go versus Virgin TV Anywhere

Posted on 05.02.2016

Sky TV and Virgin Media TV are two of the most famous TV brands in the UK. Both companies have introduced offers that include applications that allow users to watch their content when they are outside their home or in the home with the help of a Wi-Fi connection. Both of these services have certain common features, but they also have features that are unique. So, how do you choose? By learning more about their offers, you can decide which option (Virgin TV Anywhere or Sky Go) suits you more.

Virgin TV Anywhere

The Virgin TV Anywhere application is completely free. Users who are planning to watch content with the help of this device will get access to the vast majority of the subscription content. If you want to view the content uninterrupted, you must have a good broadband connection (min. 5.5 Mbps). This application is supported on most mobile devices including Android mobile devices and iPhones and iPads. Users can easily choose their device through the application account. The thing is that you can make only one switch per month. In addition, Virgin TV Anywhere app allows remote recording.

Sky Go

Sky Go is also a free application, but if you want to use all the features you need to pay a fee. The majority of the content is available on this app. It is highly recommended to use an Internet connection of at least 5.5 Mbps for smooth streaming. Sky Go app allows the use of two different devices to view content at once. Most mobile devices support Sky Go app except Xbox One and PS3. Sky Go users can't control or record programming remotely.

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