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The UK’s top 5 streaming boxes

Posted on 19.01.2016

A few years ago, people who wanted to use streaming services like Amazon, Netflix or BBC iPlayer had two options – to use their computers/laptops/tablets or to use a smart TV. Today, they can choose from many different specially-designed media streaming devices. When they first appeared on the market, they were relatively expensive, but now their prices are very reasonable. The following is a list of the top 5 home streaming boxes available in the UK.

1.Now TV

Now TV is a media streamer developed by Sky. It works like the Roku 2 device and they share the same remote controller. Now TV provides speedy and slick menus, simple to use app and it is inexpensive. On the other hand, Now TV can't stream Full HS content.

2.Roku 3

The Roku 3 was released in November 2015 and users are pleased with the upgraded features it has. This box comes with excellent UK content selection and premium wireless headphones. There were some reports of network media playback issues, but the updates should resolve this problem.

3.Amazon Fire TV Stick

Amazon has introduced their own streaming box that has smooth interface and powerful hardware. It can be used for accessing Netflix, BBC iPlayer, Prime Instant Video and Demand 5. If you want to use voice commands you can forget about the controller, but you can use your mobile device for this purpose if you are watching Prime Instant Video.

4.Apple TV – 2014 – PCA

Just like most Apple devices, this one comes with a clean and compact design. The biggest downside is that Apple TV is focused on iTunes and Netflix which makes this device frustrating for users outside the United States.

5.Google Chromecast

This is a great solution for Android users because it's cheap and allows users to reproduce videos directly from their device to the big screen.

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