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Tips to help you choose the right outdoor aerial

Posted on 03.05.2016

Purchasing an adequate outdoor TV aerial is not always a simple task and you need to take a few things into consideration besides the price. How close your home is to a certain transmitter and the surrounding terrain are just some of the things you must look at before you make your final decision. Typically, a larger outdoor TV aerial will be more beneficial, so if your home is located far from the nearest transmitter, then a large aerial would be the sensible choice.

There are many ways you can find out which size of TV aerial you need, but the most convenient one is to check the aerials of your neighbours. If you notice that the majority of TV aerials are pointed in one direction then the terrain in your neighborhood is good and you're likely to have a good signal. If the situation is opposite, then you will most likely need the help of an amplifier. Those with additional TV points in their house will need to use a masthead amplifier. There are some online sources that can help you determine the level of digital signal in your neighborhood so do a bit of research before choosing.

Outdoor TV aerials have the ability to receive VHF signals or UHF signals and some of them can receive both. Even though most of the digital channels are in the UHF bandwidth there are some that are found on VHF bandwidth. So, before you buy a brand new TV aerial, make sure that all the channels that you want to receive are covered with your aerial's frequency. Don't guess that the aerial is suitable just because it is expensive and looks state of the art.

Finally, as well as outdoor TV aerials there are indoor aerials to consider. The indoor aerials are simple to install, but they are significantly weaker compared to outdoor TV aerials. If you want to save some money and you don't mind using some modifications, then an indoor aerial may be your choice.

The distance plays a role, but if there are no obstructions in the way of the signal, you can get a clear signal miles away from the transmitter so there's no need to worry.

For more advice about choosing the right aerial, please get in touch.

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