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Systems Integration

At RF Digital we can integrate most systems to provide our customers with a simple one source solution for their home or workplace.

Imagine being able to control your A/V, CCTV, Heating, lighting and screens I one room or an entire building at the touch of a button. Whether it's full home, boardroom or office space automation we gave a solution for your project.

In your home or workplace we can enable you access to all services when away from site enabling viewing of cameras, controlling when your lighting and heating come on even to checking doors are locked all from a smart phone, tablet or laptop. We can create the WOW factor when someone enters your building, at the press of a button you can dim your lights turn on your projector or TV screen and start your presentation or film without any need for remotes. Systems can be created for most situations, imagine leaving the building to go on holiday and by pressing one button your lights and TV come on at set times every night to deter potential intruders. Someone presses you front door bell and the image from your cameras appears on any selected TV along with an announcement through your audio system to let you know someone is there.

RF Digitals integrated systems will make the operation of all your services simpler and more user friendly and our highly trained staff are always there to help. Once set up we can dial in remotely to make changes if you are not happy with any aspect of the system.

  • One touch control of many services
  • Create the WOW factor
  • Enhance security
  • Allow simple control of technology
  • Reduce bills by controlling utilities
  • Allow control of your premises from home or abroad

Systems Integration

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