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5 Steps to Select and Set Up the Best Indoor Aerial

Posted on 03.12.2015

If you are not able to set up a rooftop aerial, then you should go for an indoor aerial as your next option so you can watch all your favourite TV channels. However, how well the aerial works largely depends on your place of residence and the size of the buildings that surround your home. Here are the five steps for setting up the best indoor aerial.

1.Selecting the correct aerial. Indoor aerials can be found in many different sizes or shapes. Some aerials have amplifiers to catch weaker signals, but they can sometimes lower the picture quality. Consult a professional and get an aerial that can bring you the best TV reception.

2.Set up the aerial. Cables should be plugged into the TV, and position the aerial in sync with your transmitter. Check out the rooftop aerials in the surrounding buildings and houses and align your aerial the same way.

3.Place the aerial in good spot. Move it around and find the best possible position for quality reception. Usually indoor aerials work best if they are located at an elevated position near house windows.

4.Search and find the TV channels. Channels are grouped into bundles, and can be found at different TV frequencies. You can go online and check your postcode to see which channels you should expect to receive.

5.Secure the aerial. In order to get the best, steady and quality TV reception, you must find the most optimal position to place the indoor aerial. It is advisable to fix the aerial position, as soon as you are done with setting it up. Some aerials can be placed on pads, and some can even be mounted on the wall. This is a good option because it can enable the aerial to be hidden from your sight and will not take much space in the room.

For more advice about indoor aerials, please contact us now.

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